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Inspirational Yoga Lifestyle

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By Sangeetha Saran

How do people become inspired to practice or to become a certified yoga teacher? It's not our talk, it's our walk that counts. Think back about what first motivated you to walk the yogic path. Yogic history is filled with stories of individuals who inspired and taught others by overcoming tremendous odds. A number of books on these characters have been written among them are some of the oldest yogic texts known to exist.

What these characters all have in common is a dedication to the yogic lifestyle. Every individual’s faces adversity during their life, yoga training provides the tools to manage and conquer this adversity in a dignified way. Modern stories of people moving beyond physical, mental, and emotional challenges using yogic methods are equally compelling.

Honesty and Self-Awareness

This lifestyle demands honesty above all else. It’s natural to assume that this honesty relates to dealing with others, in a very real sense it does. The essence of yogic philosophy is not concerned with others; it relates to how people see themselves.

This honesty is a way of shaping all of a person’s perceptions. From the opinions we form, to the underlying reasons for the kinds of thoughts we have. Reaching the ultimate level of this kind of self-awareness requires a lifetime of dedicated work.

The Proactive Mindset

While we learn the art of mastering the self, yogic science challenges us to be honest in our relationships with other people and the world at large. Often it is easier to go through life in a passive way, not reacting to potential situations or what we see directly in front of us. The tragedy of living life this way is that when we are forced to suddenly react to situations instead of being proactive concerning our path in life. Sometimes, last second reactions are vastly disproportional to the situation at hand.

Finding Inspiration

In order to find an inspirational yogic figure all one needs to do is take an honest look around. Yoga schools are filled with such people - The person suffering with MS who uses the power of yoga to control their condition, for instance.

Additionally, the student who comes to yoga in order to enhance his or her knowledge of one's self can also be a heroic figure. When one begins the yogic journey, there are no guarantees as to what the outcome will be. Dedication and patience are required before any rewards can be reaped.

The ultimate power of yoga to inspire lies in its core mission of introspection; self-examination is the true path to living an inspirational lifestyle. Yoga provides the beginner or the experienced Yoga instructor with daily opportunities to examine the self and to improve upon it.

Yoga has many examples of heroes to choose from. Each has a personal story to tell. The choices we make as yoga practitioners may very well give us our own inspirational stories to tell.

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