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Family Yoga for Bonding Time

Family Yoga for Bonding Time

Yogic Healing Through Proper Alignment

Yogic Healing Through Proper Alignment

Tips On Finding The Right Power Yoga Instructor Certification Program

about power yoga certification courses
By Faye Martins
Whether you have always had a passion for fitness, exercise and your health, or if you simply enjoy helping others to take more control over their own bodies, considering a career as a power Yoga instructor is one solution that can help you to live a life that is more personally satisfying and fulfilling. Learning more about how to find the right power Yoga instructor certification program for you can ultimately give you more control over your own life while allowing you to reach and impact others' each day throughout the course of your workday.
Local and Online Power Yoga Certifications Programs

Finding the right power Yoga instructor certification program for you greatly depends on whether you want to complete the program within a traditional environment such as a classroom, or if you prefer to work on your own online using your own computer. When you choose to search online for a power Yoga program that is right for you, it is possible to not only compare prices and course duration, but also course lessons and topics that will be covered before you complete the training yourself.

Course Requirements

Most training programs to become a power Yoga instructor requires students to complete 200 hours of training sessions, involving lessons, quizzes and various research papers. Many courses and programs that are available today are also able to provide time to practice Yoga and studio space for upcoming teachers to study in throughout the completion of the certification program itself.

What You Will Learn

When you choose to work to become a power Yoga instructor, you will learn everything from the study of basic and advanced postures to the fundamentals of assisting clients and others while positioning and learning new postures themselves. Understanding the meanings and the Sanskirt names of postures and their history is also covered in a power Yoga instructor certification program.

Throughout the course of your instructor certification program, you will also learn more about the philosophy of Yoga, ethics for Yoga teachers and even the business aspect to running your own Yoga studio or working with clients each day. Learning about methods of teaching and instructing postures, correcting students and understanding various styles of teaching is also included when completing your instructor certification program for power Yoga.

Understanding more in-depth about Pranayama and Ujayi breathing and their benefits is essential when you choose to work as a power Yoga instructor. You will also learn more about the powerful short and long-term effects that Yoga has to offer, which can be translated and taught to your own class of students or pupils. Understanding different methods of communicating with students, working in groups and even in individual settings is also taught when you are enrolled in a traditional power Yoga instructor program.

Taking the time you become certified as a power Yoga instructor is a way for you to not only learn more about Yoga itself, techniques and styles you enjoy, but it is also a way for you to take even more control over your physical body and mind at all times. The more time and effort you spend in searching for the right instructor certification program, the easier it becomes to select the course or educational institution that is fitting for you and any career you see for yourself in the future.
Faye Martins, is a Yoga teacher and a graduate of the Yoga teacher training program at: Aura Wellness Center in, Attleboro, MA.  To receive Free Yoga videos, Podcasts, e-Books, reports, and articles about Yoga, please visit: