Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why Online Yoga Certification Programs Are Becoming More Popular

yoga certification courses
By Faye Martins
The popularity of yoga has spread throughout the world. Young and old people are readily seeking the benefits that yoga can bring to both their bodies and minds. The growing need for more yoga instructors around the world in both urban and rural areas has led to an increase in the popularity of online yoga certification programs.

While it's true that anyone can practice yoga, instructors tend to opt for certificates because it helps their students feel more confident in choosing them. It lets them rest assured that their teacher knows the proper poses, the correct safety procedures and understands the core principles of yoga.

This tends to be what makes certain yoga teachers favored over others, especially in an urban environment where there may be hundreds of practicing yoga instructors at any given time.

Yoga certification courses can vary widely in what they teach. They can encompass a generalized set of poses and core principles, or they can lean towards a specialized set of asanas and meditation exercises that lean towards goals like self-discovery and humbleness. This only reinforces the belief that there are many different types of yoga programs out there, which makes it important to spend an adequate amount of time learning about each of the different types before choosing one to learn.

Yoga certification programs are important to undergo regardless of if a prospective teacher wishes to open their own yoga practice or to become a trainer at an institute. Institutes like gyms and yoga schools check applicants for yoga certifications before hiring them.

The main problem with acquiring a yoga certification is that it tends to be extremely costly. Learning from someone in an institution on how to instruct yoga requires hefty tuition fees and showing up every day for classes. Even distance learning programs tend to be costly, as they require a qualified instructor to evaluate the student's progress before reporting back to an institute.

This gives rise to one unique solution that takes advantage of the many types of yoga that exist: online yoga certification programs. They can be used to cut costs while being taken as a person finds time to do so. This makes them perfect for people with busy or hectic schedules that would otherwise be unable to gain their yoga certification any other way.

The one thing to be wary of when searching for online yoga instructor courses is that the program needs to be recognized by yoga institutes. This ensures that the online program is adequate in the amount of instruction that it gives.

Regardless of the method that one chooses to undergo to obtain their yoga certification, there is a considerable amount of work involved in getting it. Many recognized yoga certification programs require a minimum of 200 hours for an instructor to be considered competent, while some require upwards of 500 hours for specialty certifications that include teaching prenatal and child yoga students.

The rewards of undergoing a recognized yoga course is well worth the effort required to complete them. They provide the instructors with countless benefits that students and institutes are able to quickly recognize while ensuring that the yoga instructors have the proper knowledge required to handle instructing students. Certification courses are a requirement for anyone who wants to build a career in that field, regardless of if they plan to do so at a recognized institute or in a practice of their own.
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