Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yoga Popularity – Will it Stop?

how to become a certified hatha yoga instructor
By Faye Martins

Students are amazed at yoga's increasing popularity across the world. There are many books, magazines, and complete television shows devoted to yoga practice. There are plenty of DVDs devoted to Yogic exercises. The Internet is saturated with websites that speak volumes about the benefits of a Yogic lifestyle. Why does Yoga continue to increase in popularity while other forms of activity decrease or lose followers? Well, it is often difficult to explain in words to those who are not familiar with Yoga training methods. People who become involved with Yogic practices go through an amazing transformation that is very difficult to explain. Yoga Popularity - Will it stop? Judge for yourself.

Yoga is popular because it is an easy way to ease into an exercise program. Yoga schools do not require a variety of equipment or special type of clothing. Yogic techniques are suitable for a youngster and an older adult. The asanas (poses) are usually easy for many people to try and a certified Hatha Yoga instructor can teach anyone the modifications for a new student. Many students are amazed at the strength and flexibility they achieve while practicing the poses. Some find that physical complaints are resolved. They no longer experience aches and pains in their joints, back, or knees. Asanas involve the body and the mind. In fact, the practice is a complete fitness regiment for body, mind, and spirit.

Ask several people why they like to practice and you will probably receive several different answers. The most popular reasons revolve around finding a way to reduce stress or to feel less stress. It is true that we live in a world that is filled with too much stress. We find lots of stress at work and at home. This stress builds up in the body and causes all types of health concerns. Many find that sitting in a quiet space and practicing asana, meditation, and pranayama (Yogic breathing techniques) helps them to reduce the amount of chronic stress in their life.

Yoga also involves the mind and places the individual's attention right in the present moment. It is certainly difficult to think about problems at work, difficult kids, bad relationships, nagging in laws, when you are posing. Yogic methodology is an ancient healing practice that has its origins in India. The practice has achieved amazing popularity over the centuries. People who practice Yogic methods feel that they are definitely on an enlightened path to improved health and wellness, which suggest that Yoga is here to stay. 

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