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Importance of Yoga for Men's Holistic Health

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By Shahid Mishra

With time, yoga has become a female dominated activity. Modern advertising photographs display young and trim female participants in bikinis practicing physically difficult asanas. As an old man, I cannot complain, but this is far different from the male dominated Yoga some Indians practiced, when we were a colony of Great Britain.

Yoga is the oldest method of all existing health maintenance systems. Originally practiced by the ancient yogis in India, it is very important to know the value of yoga and how to properly perform each technique. The saints and ancient yogis performed yoga to control the body, mind and spirit, which they believed could be controlled by many various arts. One of these arts or aspects of modern yoga is the art of asana, which is nothing more than various postures of yogic tradition. Although, mantra, pranayama, meditation and mudra are also arts, people have to be reminded of their significance.

Yoga consists of these different arts that help in the development of physical, mental and spiritual health and also help to improve one's lifestyle through the continual training, practice and control. In order to control one’s mind, one needs to have proper health and should be relaxed enough to know how to manage his daily activities, while keeping the daily stress level under control. This will not only help a man to deal his problems effectively but also helps in maintaining a good personal relationship with his family and friends since his mind is free of various outward stress and tension. When all of these are under control, one can easily attain spirituality.

There are various benefits of practicing yoga regularly as it helps in improving the physical health, improves the mind, enhances the spine's flexibility, tones the muscles, and provides a great sense of relaxation. Each of the asana in yoga is done in proper procedure and in steps, in a very slow and comfortable manner. While each of these steps are done, there is a proper coordination in the breath along with concentration and relaxation. Yoga teaches us how to control your breath and you can reap various benefits from it. It helps in dealing with insomnia, fatigue, diabetes, blood pressure and various other ailments and diseases.

There are various arts within the yogic practices, and these can be attained only through constant study, practice, and control of breath. The word asana also means the mastery of sitting still (Paulji refers to this concept as rooting). No matter in what posture you are holding, which is familiar to you or something that is new and difficult for others who haven’t practiced yoga, you can still root into it comfortably through the art of controlling your breath and the expansion of consciousness

The arts of yoga are now widely spread, as all people are more conscious about their health and fitness. Before practicing any yogic movements or postures, one should familiarize it with the help of a yoga teacher who is well trained and aware of the consequences of doing it wrong and proper method of doing it tight, for all postures may not suit everyone. As certain asanas are restricted for those who have health issues and have undergone surgeries.

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