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Yoga Benefits for Back Health

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By Faye Martins

One of the many benefits of yoga is the relief that it can provide for those who suffer from back pain. What makes yoga a well-situated choice for many back pain sufferers is the fact that any person of any age is likely to benefit from it. 

One point to mention before we go over the benefits of yogic exercise for people who suffer from back pain is that you should consult with your doctor or chiropractor before practicing any exercise program. In some cases, such as: osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and other bone diseases or skeletal conditions, a back bend can cause pain or a compression fracture. For these reasons, it is extremely wise to consult with a trusted medical professional about improving your health with yoga.

Some of the additional benefits of yoga for back pain include:

• Fitness

Many people who suffer from back pain could alleviate some of that pain simply by being fit. While many people cannot perform standard exercise like running or weight lifting, yoga is a good option that is low-risk in comparison.

Since fitness based yoga is a low-impact work out, back pain sufferers can ease into the poses at their own pace. Hatha yoga training is a low-pressure fitness approach to stay in shape.

• Improve Posture

Something that many people do not think is related to back pain is balance and posture. However, when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that the posture of your back would be directly related to the amount of pain – or lack thereof - that is felt.

Most people spend hours a day in front of a computer. Students may spend hours hunched over a book while reading or writing. Sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time can put strain on the muscles of the back. When the posture is bad, it can have painful results. Simple yoga postures can help to relieve the muscle strain and increase flexibility in the back muscles can have the positive outcome of stronger muscles and less pain.

• Best Option for All

The bottom line is that anyone who has any kind of back pain will be able to benefit from doing yoga in a proper and supervised way. As we know, yoga has many health benefits and, unlike many other work out routines, anyone can do it. Children with weak muscles can work on their flexibility and adults can also have positive results. 

Even chronic sufferers have been known to have relief in as little as a few days of active training. The important part to remember is to keep going with it. Of course, the poses will be challenging for most people to do in the beginning, but with positive encouragement and patience, there will be positive results.

Side Note for Yoga Teachers

Know the health condition of each student before he or she enters your class. If you do not understand anatomy, ailments, modifications, props, adjustments or how to help students with back conditions, you should refer prospective students to a competent yoga teacher or therapeutic sessions that will not cause injuries. Students with back problems do not belong in boot camp style classes.

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